ManWinWin SAAS

Software As A Service

SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution is an integrated service for providing software applications to end users without requiring the end user (client) to install and run the application on their own computer or network.

ManWinWin is hosted remotely in powerful servers and accessed safely by the end user through an internet connection. Because the software is hosted remotely users have no costs with additional hardware and no trouble with installations, maintenance or updates.


Hardware & Backup

No costs with additional hardware and no worries with bakcups.


Fast Implementations

With SaaS, you will have your ManWinWin configuration ready to use in less than 1 day.


  • Dedicated server with top performance
  • 100 MB broadband guaranteed (server side)
  • System maintenance and update
  • Database backups
  • Permanent System monitoring
  • User Manual + Implementation Wizard
  • Unlimited Support to problem solving


SaaS Corporate

For large companies that need many simultaneous user accesses (typically 10 or more). This option runs the software in a dedicated and exclusive serverowned by the client.

SaaS Professional

For small and medium companies that need only a few simultaneous user accesses (less than 10).

This option runs the software in a shared server.

Questions about pricing

For questions about pricing or purchasing ManWinWin Software, please contact us and we’ll get in touch