ManWinWin donates a percentage of software licensing to save our oceans #TheOceanCleanup

ManWinWin Software supports The Ocean Cleanup, an initiative that helps the planet by eliminating plastic waste in the oceans. The consultancy company will donate a percentage of its software licensing revenue to the organization.

ManWinWin Software supports The Ocean Cleanup, an initiative that aims to minimize plastic pollution in the oceans, which is one of the biggest environmental problems, affecting more than 600 marine species and that has a strong negative impact on the economy and in people’s health.

The Ocean Cleanup project involves the development of a cleaning system capable of collecting garbage through ocean currents, which has been in operation since 8 September 2018, the date of the first mission to the region known as Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Since early ManWinWin Software has followed the evolution of the project and, recognizing the values of this noble cause, agreed to donate 1% of the revenue in software licensing in the year 2019 to the non-profit organization.

In addition to the plastic cleaning that minimizes the problem that has been done in the past, the solution also involves changing wrong habits. In this subject, ManWinWin Software presents itself as a useful tool to optimize the environmental management system of the companies, and it is important to remember that a CMMS should not only present results in the economic aspect, but it is also an ally for safety, environment and quality.

ManWinWin Software is committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding the future of people. Visit the company’s website and understand the reasons that make ManWinWin an active agent in the transformation of the world.



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