ManWinWin plugins are a set of external resources that when installed, add features that simplify the everyday tasks of all parties involved in the maintenance.

There are 3 available Plugins for ManWinWin


Data import tool

Allows you to import, via Excel, with column mapping, all relevant Data regarding maintenance that is available in other systems. The data import plugin facilitates the initial recording of information in ManWinWin kick-off stage. And it increases considerably the speed of the system’s implementation.


Notification Workflow

Allows the creation of unlimited rules that send alerts, via email, to all workers involved in the maintenance, regarding all relevant maintenance events. Automatic notifications reduce maintenance’s response time and facilitate communication between all the individuals involved, since everyone is notified in real time, anywhere they are.


Advanced Reports

Facilitate manager’s jobs regarding the preparation of periodic maintenance performance reports. After creating your own report, any time you want, you are a click away from obtaining a periodic maintenance report – annual, semester, trimester or monthly – and another click away from sending it to any e-mail of your choice, in PDF format.

Maintenance Managers, technicians, clients and suppliers, have a set of simple tools in ManWinWin that allow them to become more independent and autonomous in their work, and also saving a lot of time on daily maintenance chores and gaining access to useful information in real time!

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