ManWinWin develops partnerships in Scandinavia

Focusing on international markets, ManWinWin Software is accelerating the development of its partner network for the implementation of maintenance management software.

As part of ManWinWin Software’s internationalization strategy, the Portuguese consultancy company has established a partnership with Controlpartner AS, a Norwegian company specialized in industrial automation & control systems. The establishment of this partnership enabled Controlpartner, with the support of ManWinWin Software, to implement the maintenance management software in the water and waste water industry and 6 municipalities are already using ManWinWin maintenance software in Norway. This includes more than 14 waste water plants, 13 water treatment plants and 160 pump stations.

Controlpartner develops turn-key projects in PLC systems and monitoring systems (SCADA/DCS) for operational control, with its main customers in the process industry, municipalities and the marine sector. The partnership with ManWinWin Software is thus complementary to the Norwegian company’s offering, which now has a maintenance management software that can be integrated with other control and ERP systems.

The internationalization strategy outlined for the future of ManWinWin Software is strongly based on the development of its partner network, leveraging partners’ knowledge in their local markets and leveraging long-term relationships through the sharing of resources, technology and know-how. It should be noted that in 2018, ManWinWin Software’s exports accounted for 35% of the company’s turnover.


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