Daily waste in maintenance

Today it is not enough that maintenance does well what it has always done, maintenance must do more and do it better!

This article raises awareness to daily waste generated in any maintenance department and which may be identified and quantified, thus improving the performance of the said department. It is suggested the creation of a simple matrix where waste is identified and classified, so that it can later be eliminated or reduced.

The author argues that there is a lot of waste in maintenance that can be eliminated, if effective and sustained work is developed, the efficiency and cost reduction benefits for the company will be evident and confirmed by performance indicators.


by Gil Santos (Engr.)

Graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering and Post Graduated in Energy Management and Energy Efficiency. Started his professional career in the industrial maintenance area in 1996 in the automotive industry, having later held management positions in several industries, such as metal mechanics, environmental, Food production, Chemical, among others.

Author of a blog called ‘Manutenção Industrial Moderna’ (Modern Industrial Maintenance), in portuguese language, where he shares his vision on maintenance management and efficiency.