Local Networks

In Client/Server mode, ManWinWin is installed in the users PCs or in an application server and the database is installed in an SQL Server.

This solution is suitable for operation in a local network with several users working in the same database, sharing real time information. You may choose between an annual license (Use-IT) or lifetime license (Keep-IT).


For Local Network

ManWinWin Client/Server is the best solution for local network environments


SQL Server

ManWinWin Client/Server support any version of SQL Server, including SQL Express


  • Ready to use SQL Server database
  • Concurrent Users
  • Modular solution
  • User Manual + Technical Guide
  • Wizard Online
  • Problems resolution support
  • Online Updates


USE-IT License

Annual license (Use-IT) is an investment-friendly solution where you pay only an annual fee of the licensed solution. A complete pay-as-you-go system which also includes yearly subscription toManWinWin Support & Technical Assistance (S&TA).

KEEP-IT License

Lifetime license (Keep-IT) requires a single investment that allows full access to all of ManWinWin features. Modules/Add-Ons and yearly subscription to ManWinWin Support & Technical Assistance (S&TA) are purchased separately.

Questions about pricing

For questions about pricing or purchasing ManWinWin Software, please contact us and we’ll get in touch