Fleet Maintenance Management Software
ManWinWin is used to manage fleets of any size, complexity and type

Technical Support

A 100% dedicated support team / help desk who achieved a satisfaction rate of nearly 90% in response times, friendliness and efficiency (ISO 9001:2008)


Many years of know-how and experience in several fleet maintenance projects

User friendly

Quick and easy to implement and accessible to users (for maintenance, production, storage, retail, top-level management…)

Fleet Maintenance Management

ManWinWin is fleet management software used to manage fleets of any size, complexity and type: fleets of cars, heavy duty vehicles, vessels of any type, military vehicles, forklifts and others.

Main Features

  • Complete organisation of the fleet, with the respective technical forms and documentation
  • Planning of maintenance with alerts, using a drag and drop calendar
  • Control of use and fuel consumption
  • Management (with alerts) of the entire fleet’s documentation: insuranace, MOTs, certificates, taxes, etc.
  • Full history of maintenance
  • Cost control of fleet maintenance (per vehicle, vessel, military vehicle, geographic area, etc)
  • Management of parts and lubricants used in vehicles / ships
  • Analyses, reports and maintenance indicators, and KPI customised by the user (cost per km, etc.)
  • Mobile access for quick insertion of records

Main Advantages

ManWinWin allows fleet managers:

  • To save a lot of time in the quick access to all fleet information: technical forms, documentation, work planned, maintenance history, breakdowns, etc.
  • The timely planning of maintenance interventions and therefore to boost the availability of the fleet
  • To accumulate a maintenance history and make better technical decisions that reduce costs and increase the work life of the fleet
  • A thorough control of the fleet’s operations (kms, hours miles, …) and of fuel consumption, identifying areas in which cost reduction is possibly
  • A thorough cost control of the fleet in cost-itemised categories

ManWinWin Express (free version)

ManWinWin Express is a free CMMS software. Try it and license it forever for free

ManWinWin Overview

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ManWinWin has been very useful to our maintenance tasks here in our plant in Vientiane, Republic of Laos. Since 2012 we have no complaint about the system and we get kindly support whenever we have some problem
Tran The Phong
Maintenance Manager, DAO HEUANG GROUP (Laos)
On a first step, ManWinWin helped us to create a proper maintenance system in accordance to the standard of a worldwide-company like Essilor expects
Jaques Lepron
Maintenance Manager, ESSILOR AUSTRALIA

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