Maintenance work management is the basic function of maintenance.

By definition, managing maintenance activities means planning then and not “chasing after them”. Maintenance work is documented in Work Orders (WO).

Rule no. 1: no maintenance work should be carried out without a WO. This WO must be linked to one of the pre-configured work types.

Work periodicity can be defined by calendar time, running records (kms, cycles, hours, etc…) or a combination of both.

ManWinWin has an alert system that comes in the form of traffic ligh
ts (red, yellow and green) and is also complemented by a workflow of automatic E-mail or SMS notifications. These workflow rules are customized by the user. Upcoming dates for maintenance work are dynamically updated (for example: recording a new running record may influence the scheduled date for a particular WO)

Stages of a Work Order
When you create a systematic WO, only when it is manually Terminated (work is complete), ManWinWin will automatically generate the next WO (according to the item’s maintenance plan).

WOs always go through the following stages:

  • Scheduled – planned work with a specified date to be carried out
  • In Progress – work that has been issued. Until this work is Terminated, the technical intervention manager is responsible for it.
  • Terminated – work that has been performed but is still available for reporting
  • Closed – work that is completed and no longer available for reporting.


Resist, absolutely, creating systematic work orders with periodicities that are too ambitious (in regards to your own activity, the team and resources available, etc.). Too ambitious can mean it is not practical or viable. And this can discredit the whole system you have in place.

By selecting the option , you avoid delays in your Schedule Work. For example, by selecting on a monthly work scheduled for the 1st of every month, you are basically “forcing” this work to be carried out on the 1st of every month. So even if you only Terminate the WO, for example, on the 5th, ManWinWin will generate the next WO for the 1st of next month. Wihtout this option activated, the WO will be generated for the 5th.

Bear in mind that you must keep the system updated and consistent. It is very important to Terminate WOs when they have been performed so ManWinWin can automatically generate the next ones, according to the defined periodicity.